ADVA since the beginning of the establishment in 1994, has developed from the beginning of the scale in the metropolitan area network to provide wavelength division multiplexing technology market leader, Ethernet access equipment accounted for the world's first, Metro WDM second. As a leader in the European market and one of the world's leading companies, ADVA has greatly promoted the development of the metropolitan area network. In the early days, ADVA has realized the data transmission in the metropolitan area network business, after years of development, a series of ADVA products from simple storage network connection scheme is extended to the solution of Ethernet and backbone network, and ultimately to meet the changing needs of users. Following customer contracts and well aware of the needs of the metropolitan area, ADVA is able to provide effective and proven solutions to meet the needs of Telecom and enterprise users with innovative, high-quality products.

Metropolitan area network market, be the most changeful for a successful, so the equipment providers, it is crucial to maintain close cooperation with customers. ADVA attaches great importance to the development of new fiber and Ethernet products, but not just to pursue the latest technology, but to develop advanced and effective solutions to solve the problems encountered by customers. ADVA will mature technology applied to Metro customers, which is critical for success. Due to technological innovation, ADVA also adopted the new technology and continue to walk in front of the market.


Shenzhen City Power Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the web), founded in 2003, is the world's leading manufacturers and unified communications solutions and global TOP3 VoIP terminal suppliers.

The trend of the network is headquartered in Shenzhen, in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places have production, testing, and research and development base, a total of more than 500+ employees, including more than 50% engineers, product line covers unified communication platform, SIP voice, SIP multimedia telephony, SIP voice gateway and SIP video monitoring, product marketing in North America, the European Union, Asia Pacific, China, South America, Africa and other 170 countries and regions, global service coverage, English language Chinese, French, Spanish, solutions covering business communication, call center, IMS/NGN market operators, to provide SDK middleware interface 70 types of SIP terminal products and industries, to create a one-stop products supporting and the value of application mode for partners.

The trend of domestic network is IMS, unified communications, call center scheduling, video surveillance market, the main SIP terminal suppliers, including Jingdong, NetEase, the successful case of peace, Eslite, CIMC, China Eastern Airlines, State Grid, Sinopec, PetroChina, the Ministry of foreign affairs, China Mobile, telecom companies and so on, is the main core of the IMS market China three operators SIP terminal manufacturers, China Telecom IMS group finalists SIP phone short list, continuing with the operators Institute SIP hard core business and terminal protocol customization, participation and in telecommunications, move in several provinces pilot application and product suppliers.

The company's R & D center and production base with the first-class research and development / testing / manufacturing equipment (including Spirent /BK and other top test equipment and advanced audio and video communication laboratory), with SIP protocol, the industry's leading audio and video algorithms such as the core of independent intellectual property rights. Product coverage Android, Linux platform, product lines, including voice, video, monitoring, mobile, data and provide end-to-end unified communications solutions. The SIP terminal and has the industry's most complete, with enterprise class HD phone, Gigabit HD color video phone, telephone, multimedia voice gateway and high density 1080P HD camera and unified communication platform and UC HD video surveillance server, technology innovation launched Android, HD screen, Bluetooth, WIFI, capacitor, six party conference, Gigabit local recording three party video, SDK industry development package, Android application interface, LYNC video applications, Web integrated API industry application solutions for the enterprise market value.

The trend of technological innovation network adhere to the value of vision in the enterprise market, provide more convenient, intelligent one-stop integration communication monitoring applications for business users, share of small and medium enterprise unified communications leading innovative solutions and value-added applications, and partners together develop unified communications market potential and grasp the transformation of ICT industry the opportunity!


Hillstone is China network security industry leader, since 2006 since the establishment of innovation focus on cutting-edge technology in the field of network security, network security solution is committed to provide users with all-round, more intelligent, zero interrupt. Hillstone business covers border security, virtual cloud security, application security, network security and professional security services, from government, finance, operators, Internet, education and other industries more than 12000 customers to provide efficient and stable safety protection. Hillstone China in Beijing, Suzhou and the United States are the Silicon Valley with research and technical support center, the business has covered more than 30 countries worldwide.

With excellent technical level and outstanding market performance, Hillstone not only was awarded the "global innovation enterprises" title, also three consecutive Gartner "enterprise firewall Magic Quadrant report" and "UTM Magic Quadrant"; according to IDC statistics, Hillstone for six consecutive years (2010-2015) in Chinese the top three market UTM. In addition, Hillstone next-generation firewall in the world's most famous evaluation agencies NSS Labs test with high detection rate and the "optimal customer value" to get the recommended level; virtual cloud security software - won the "cloud mountain stone lattice cloud tripod award Global Innovation Product Award" and "best virtual cloud security software" and other awards.


ZyXEL company was founded in 1989, to provide advanced Internet (IP)The architecture is based on the design and development of network solutions for global marketing. For telecommunication operators, Internet service and content providers and agents, for the service of the small and medium-sized enterprise customers, domestic customers build advanced broadband technology access architecture (Access), enterprise network system (Network) and family connection platform (Connect), let the wired and wireless interface to provide seamless, family business and personal terminal users simple, wisdom and safely enjoy high bandwidth efficient networking, to strengthen the enterprise operating efficiency, enjoy the wisdom of family household innovation service, enhance customer networking including corporate and family satisfaction.


F5 application delivery network (ADN) is a leading global manufacturer, is committed to helping the world's large enterprises and service providers to implement virtualization, cloud computing and "on demand" the business value of IT. F5 solutions help to integrate different technologies, in order to better control the infrastructure, improve the application delivery and data management capabilities, and the user can through the enterprise desktop systems and smart devices, seamless safety and more rapid access applications. The open architecture framework enables F5 customers to apply business strategies in the "strategic control point" of the IT infrastructure and in the public cloud environment. F5 products provide the sensitivity required for customers, so that customers can be IT with the changing business situation remained consistent, according to the need to deploy scalable solutions, and mobile data and service access management. Companies, service providers and cloud providers as well as the world's leading On-Line Company have adopted F5 solutions to optimize IT investment, and promote business development.

F5 named the highest level since the tornado wind, as a global leader in the field of application delivery, F5, carrying off strong technical innovation wind "in the Internet era entrepreneurial dreams, was formally established in Seattle City, Washington in 1996, just 3 years, the successful listing of F5 NASDAQ in the United States in 1999, set off a strong tornado application delivery network. F5 listed in NASDAQ, stock code: FF IV. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has offices around the world.


HUAWEI is the world's leading provider of information and communications solutions. We focus on the needs of our customers continue to innovate, open cooperation with partners in the telecommunications network, enterprise networks, consumers and cloud computing and other fields to build an end-to-end solution. We are committed to providing competitive ICT solutions and services for telecom operators, businesses and consumers, and continuously enhance the customer experience, to create maximum value for customers. Currently, HUAWEI's products and solutions have been applied to more than and 170 countries and regions, serving the world's population of 1/3.

We enrich the people's communication and life as a vision, the use of information and communications professional experience to eliminate the digital divide, so that everyone enjoy broadband. In response to the challenges of global climate change, HUAWEI through leading green solutions to help customers and other industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, creating a harmonious social, economic and environmental benefits.

HUAWEI has continued to provide professional services solutions to the world's 45 Top50 operators in the world's more than and 140 countries, serving the world's 1/3 population.


CISCO is the world's leading provider of network solutions. Today, the network as a platform has become an integral part of business, education, government and family communications, CISCO's Internet technology is the basis of these networks.

CISCO is one of the most successful companies in the United states. Founded in 1984 by a couple of professors at the Stanford University, the first router was produced in the year of 1986, so that different types of networks could be reliably connected to each other, creating a communications revolution. CISCO invested $about 4000000000 annually for technology research and development. Over the past 20 years, CISCO has almost become a synonym for the Internet, network applications, productivity, CISCO has become a leader in every field of its entry.

Since listing in 1990, CISCO's annual revenue has risen from $69 million to $2010 in fiscal year 40 billion. At present, CISCO has more than 65000 employees worldwide. In 2009, Fortune 500 ranked fifty-seventh in the United States, and the world's most respected companies, the world's most respected companies for the eighth time. CISCO also won the 2008 global brand top seventeenth award.

Oscilloquartz SA

osa introduction
Member of the ADVA Optical Networking Group
Focused offerings for communications, governmental and enterprise Sync applications
Longstanding relationship with customers worldwide
Around 100 sync focused partners in about 80 countries around the globe
State-of-the-art time and frequency systems
End-to-end solutions for all markets
Timing delivery and assurance Excellency


Dell Computer,NASDAQ:DELL,Is headquartered in Landreau, Texas, the world's top five hundred companies. DELL is famous for its production, design and sales of home and office computers, but it is also involved in the high-end computer market, the production and sale of servers, data storage devices, network equipment, etc..

Dell is headquartered in Landreau, Texas, the world's top five hundred enterprises, founded in 1984 by Michael Dale. DELL is famous for its production, design and sales of home and office computers, but it is also involved in the high-end computer market, the production and sale of servers, data storage devices, network equipment, etc..

DELL entered the Fortune 500 list in 1992, and DELL has become one of the youngest chief executives.

DELL is currently ranked forty-eighth in Fortune magazine's 500 place. Since 1995, DELL has been listed in Fortune magazine's most admired company, ranked tenth in 2001. 2011 rose to sixth place. In February 6, 2013, DELL founder, chairman and chief executive officer Michael Dale (Michael Dell) and run global technology investment company (Silver Lake) cooperative acquisition of DELL.


EMC(3)EMC As an American information storage It Firm, the main business for information storage and management products, services and solutions. EMC company was founded in 1979, headquartered in Massachusetts Hopkins Dayton city. 2003, EMC acquired VMware. The stock symbol EMC is EMC, the New York stock exchange, and is one of the 500 constituent stocks of S&P.

EMC as a global leader to help businesses and service providers to achieve operational transformation, delivery of IT as a service. This transformation is based on cloud computing. EMC through innovative products and services, to accelerate cloud computing tour, helping IT departments to more flexible and more reliable and cost-effective way, storage, management, protection and analysis of their most valuable assets - information.

In Belgium, Brazil, Holland, France, Ireland, China, India, Israel, Holland, Russia, Singapore, the United States and opened in the United States and Ireland have set up factories in the R & D center. With the international organization for Standardization (ISO 9001) the most stringent quality management certification, the production plant has MRP II A-level certification.


Ixia provides the industry's most comprehensive solution for IP network authentication and network visualization. Customers include equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and government agencies, etc.. These solutions are widely used in the design, verification and monitoring of cable, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE devices and networks.

Ixia test solutions through rich media service flow and simulate the real network environment, help customers to optimize and validate the deployment of product design, network performance and safety etc..

Intelligent network visualization platform Ixia through a clear presentation of the physical and virtual network products, help to improve the ability to provide cloud data center, service provider and network performance, safety, stability and application.


Oracle Limited by Share Ltd (Oracle) is the world's largest database software company, headquartered in Redwood City, California Redwood city. In 2008, Limited by Share Ltd is the oracle and IBM Microsoft, the global income section more than and 3 software company. Oracle database products used in the top 1000 companies on the fortune list, many large sites have also selected the Oracle system. Oracle Limited by Share Ltd officially entered China in 1989 and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

In April 20, 2011, the Oracle Corp announced the Oracle China five consecutive years in the Ministry of Education awarded the "outstanding contribution award". In December 17, 2015, the Oracle Corp announced the 2016 unaudited second quarter earnings, the company's total revenue was $8 billion 993 million, down 6%. January 2016, Oracle said it would acquire site data tracking service provider AddThis.

February 2016, Oracle acquired cloud computing startups Ravello Systems. In June 2016, Oracle Corp released the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter earnings, the company's total revenue of $10 billion 594 million.