SmartAX MA5800 Series OLT

MA5800 provide xPON、P2P GE and 10GE access, the MA5800 supports deployment on FTTH, FTTD, FTTB, FTTC, and distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP) networks.

Number : G583D194AB6E7C

Brand : HUAWEI


Goods details

Product Overview

The MA5800 is the industry's first smart aggregation OLT with a distributed architecture. It is positioned as the next-generation OLT for NG-PON. The product is designed to help carriers build networks with larger bandwidths, higher speeds, and smarter connectivity to deliver better service experience.

Providing GPON, 10G GPON, P2P GE, and 10GE access, the MA5800 supports deployment on FTTH, FTTD, FTTB, FTTC, and distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP) networks. This makes it applicable to home access, enterprise access, mobile backhaul, and Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul scenarios to aggregate all services on one fiber network.

The MA5800 functions as a large-capacity aggregation device on the network to aggregate the traffic from ONTs, MDUs, and campus switches, thereby simplifying the network architecture and reducing the OPEX.

Product Appearance

The MA5800 supports three types of subracks. The only difference between these subracks relies on the service slot quantity (they have the same functions and network positions).

Product Highlights
Distributed architecture

The MA5800 uses the distributed architecture (the same as the router). Under such an architecture, service processing on the control board is distributed to every service board, improving system switching capacity and performance, and reliability.

Centralized: switching and service processing are implemented on the control board (for low traffic scenarios)
Distributed: switching is implemented on the control board and service processing is implemented on service boards (for heavy traffic scenarios)

Optimum video experience

  • The MA5800 supports cache in the distributed architecture for fast 4K/8K video start or channel zapping.
  • Supports U-vMOS video quality monitoring. Built-in probes on boards are used to collect video indicators and the NMS is used for remote monitoring and monitoring result query, improving video O&M experience .
  • Video service is not interrupted during an OLT upgrade, enhancing user experience.

Smooth evolution to 40G/100G

  • The per-slot bandwidth reaches 200 Gbit/s at the most, which supports the non-convergence access of 10G PON ports and supports 40G/100G PON boards in the future. The MA5800 can smoothly evolve to 40G/100G PON without replacing subracks, which protects carriers' investments.
  1. PON access: GPON, 10G PON
  2. Upstream port: 2 x 100GE or 20 x 10GE/GE
  • The MAC address capacity can be expanded. This makes configure/upgrade-as-needed possible, saving the initial-phase network construction investments.