ADVA Wavelength division multiplexing solution


WDM relies on a fiber multi, large capacity, ultra high-speed development used in most of the current data storage, cloud computing and network applications, and has fast speed in the development of the enterprise, in order to guarantee the safety of its own network, reliability, interoperability, convenient maintenance, integration of a variety of applications to a unified transport platform want to build their own networks, respectively, to meet the needs of social development.

The complexity of the control system, based on the time delay and cost, ADVA is the only multi protocol, time division multiplexing and built-in encryption channel card manufacturers, ADVA as the world's leading optical network product manufacturers, can understand the enterprise application, especially in data conversion and transmission distance influence on high-level application. ADVA optical network company launched for the metropolitan area of low-cost non coherent technology 100G solutions. The scheme is mainly used to meet the requirements of the metropolitan network operators and enterprise users for data services. In order to verify our understanding, and to ensure that customers can get the full support of the storage device vendors they use.

Product FSP3000 appearance is as follows:

1.1 Features and advantages

1.1.1 Fixed or reconfigurable optical network architecture that supports backbone, Metro and access network applications, while supporting dense wavelength division (DWDM), coarse wavelength division (CWDM) and WDM-PON;

1.1.2 Any wavelength, arbitrary dimension port assignment and congestion routing multi-dimensional reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexer (ROADM) technology and control plane technology based on GMPLS, to achieve real-time service configuration and service recovery;

1.1.3 Integrated business capabilities to support Ethernet, OTN, SONET/SDH, storage and video services, single wave service bandwidth up to 100Gbit/s;

1.1.4 Support of erbium doped and Raman amplifier, single span loss of more than 2000 kilometers without power transmission capacity and regeneration of up to 50dB;

1.1.5 High density design, minimum space occupancy and power consumption, reduce operating costs;

1.1.6 Modular design, easy expansion;

1.1.7 Equipment stability, signal distortion, compatible with different manufacturers equipmen;

1.1.8 Remote network management can be achieved, online real-time business monitoring, easy maintenance

1.2 Support service type

  • • Enternet 100Mbit/s, 1, 10, 40 和 100Gbit/s (LAN&WAN)
  • • ESCON
  • • Fibre Channel/FICON 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 16Gbit/s
  • • InfiniBand 2.5, 5 and 10Gbit/s
  • • ETR/CLO and STP• HP NonStop™ ServerNet Cluster
  • • OC-3, -12, -48, -192 和 -768
  • • STM-1, -4, -16, -64 和 -256
  • • OTU-1, -2, -3 和 -4
  • • video
  • • From 125Mbit/s to 2.7Gbit/s Arbitrary rate interface

 2 Wavelength division multiplexing

At present, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) products have been used in many industries and have achieved good application. The network topology can be point-to-point, point to multipoint, by transplanting, ring, mesh structure etc..

2.1 The main application of WDM in enterprise network

Disaster recovery and business continuity application

SAN storage network extension and connectivity, such as data migration and storage integration

LAN network interconnection

For low latency sensitive applications integrate multiple applications to a unified transmission platform

Multiple site interconnection networks provide high bandwidth

Sensitive to data security applications

2.2 Main highlights

Ultra low delay

Embedded hardware encryption

Storage network authentication

The first industry to support the 16G FC protocol

A variety of equipment protection

2.3 Application industry

Financial institution

Large enterprise

Pharmaceutical industry

Medical institutions

Medium-sized enterprise

small business

3 Typical application

Solution A. Application of FSP equipment in financial industry

Solution B. Private enterprise network applications

Solution C. Large scale storage system without interruption service application

Solution D. The application of WDM in the metropolitan area network

Solution E. Cloud data center interconnection through optical network


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